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Normandie Hydrolienne is recruiting ! #JobOffer


Listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM since 2014, SIMEC Atlantis Energy is a global developer of renewable energy projects with more than 1,000 megawatts in various stages of development including the flagship tidal stream project, MeyGen, which entered into operations in 2017.

Atlantis’ core business is to develop, finance, construct and operate large scale, sustainable energy projects in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, North America, Asia and emerging markets.

Normandy Development Agency is the one stop shop for all businesses related to companies’ development in Normandy and funded by the regional authority of Normandy. Normandie Participations, which takes part in Normandy Development Agency’s activities, is an investment fund dedicated to companies having their head office in Normandy.
In order to achieve the regional ambitions related to tidal energy deployment, SIMEC Atlantis Energy and Normandie Participations formed “Normandie Hydrolienne” in 2018, a Joint-Venture company located in Normandy which aims to developing tidal energy projects in the Raz Blanchard This is an excellent opportunity to join a pioneering company and lead a world first project.

Normandie Hydrolienne’s activity is :

– Investigating the techno-economic feasibility of a multi-hundred-megawatt tidal energy project to be located in Raz Blanchard initially which could be expanded into an even larger project making use of all of the unexploited resource present in The Alderney Race;
– Working with French and other suppliers to deliver tidal energy profitably at a price that is less than the current offshore wind feed in tariff of €150/MWh (for projects to be delivered between 2021-23);
– Preparing an application for consent to build a multi-hundred-megawatt tidal energy project in Raz Blanchard and work closely with ADEME and all relevant government ministries to obtain all relevant approvals;
– Seeking to build a demonstration array in Raz Blanchard array using AR2000, 2MW horizontal axis turbines which will be built in France. The timing of commissioning of the demonstration array will depend on consenting, permitting and financing;


The operation coordinator shall be in charge of the day to day operations and management of Normandie Hydrolienne and shall have substantial powers of management which he or she shall exercise subject to the overall direction of the Supervisory Board.

Selection Criteria

– A self-starter, able to work as part of a team under the supervision of the supervisory board
– A business development and project management professional with 5+ years leadership experience in developing renewable energy projects in France, preferably marine energy/ offshore wind projects
– Qualification in Engineering, Business Development, Project Management or Public Affairs
– Must have strong interpersonal skills and a very good knowledge of the French administrative system
– Must have strong leadership skills, in-depth knowledge of markets and changing business environments, facilitation and planning skills with experience in large industrial projects. Relevant experience in a European or International project would be a plus.
– Strong communication, presentation and public affairs/ public relations skills a must
– Strong financial skills coupled with good conceptual, strategic and analytical thinking skills
– Full proficiency in French and English, the working languages of Normandie Hydrolienne
– Based in Normandy, with regular travel to Paris, Brussels, Edinburgh, London and other European destinations.

Main Responsibilities

– Carries on the business of promoting, developing, operating, and maintaining tidal arrays in Normandy, and in particular a first array in le Raz Blanchard in line with the approved business plan for Normandie Hydrolienne
– Ensures the safety of all personnel working in connection with Normandie Hydrolienne.
– Works with the heads of public affairs at Normandy Development Agency, Normandy participations and SIMEC Atlantis to secure European Commission funding or any other funding for tidal power projects located in Normandy;
– Works with the heads of public affairs at Normandy Development Agency, Normandy participations and SIMEC Atlantis to secure French  Government funding and support for the development of the tidal power industry in France;
– Identifies and interacts with local, regional and national stakeholders in France and Normandy
Prepares , owns and holds acceptabilité for project budget and timeline targets
– Accurately and promptly communicates critical path issues to the Supervisory Board and its President
– Prepares regular progress reports

Send CV and cover letter to : Alexandre Wahl and  François Guisset


Company : Normandie Hydrolienne

Job Title : Operations coordinator

Location : AD Normandie, 2 Esplanade Anthon Philips, 14 460 Colombelles (France)

Employment Type : Full Time, Permanent

Salary : Depending upon qualifications and experiences